History / The History of Our Hotel

The Waldkirch Agricultural Cooperative building is built as a warehouse and feed mill


Modernisation of the feed mill and extension comprising two new storeys and the high grain silo (tower)


Further renovation and modernisation of the mill (automation, making it most modern feed mill in Switzerland) and building of the component silo


The property is sold, merger with Wittenbach, Gossau and Niederbühren to form Landi Fürstenland AG and construction of the Landi store.
Feed production ceases.


Property purchased by SOBI AG (Sepp Oberholzer)


The property is converted



2006   Silo 3 is pulled down, apartment built in Tower 2
2007   Warehouse building heightened and renovation work carried out
2008   Planning and reconstruction of Silo1 (hotel building)
2006  9Interior work (Silo 1)


1st  August 2009
Tower Hotel opens